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 'Large' Chicken Coop


As a Guide-

   Up to 12 Medium/Large birds

Hand made British Chicken House using high quality Redwood and Grade 'A' T&G.


Large -Front

Size Including the Nestbox of 5' High x 3.2' Deep x 5' Wide 

Joints are glued and screwed. 

The roof is black Onduline which is very helpful in preventing Red Spider Mite 

Ventilation is provided under the eaves to ensure good airflow
Large -Rear (2)
Two Large Nestboxes and two removable perches 

Nestbox lids are double lined to ensure they're completely waterproof.

Large Rear door for ease of cleaning.
 Large- new- with unboarded stand
(Pictured above - Large coop with additional unboarded stand)
Large - New - Wheels
(Pictured above -Large coop with additional wheels)


Will be Delivered Ready built so no messing around with Flat Packs.

Please also take a look at the additional Extras below, all are suitable for the 'Large' size. These can be added to your order enabling you to have a Chicken house to suit your needs.

Postage on all Extra items is Free when included with your coop.



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'Large' Chicken Coop<p><p><p>

'Large' Chicken Coop

- £535.00

Ideal for up to 12 Hens

Quantity:  at  £535.00  each 

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10' Run<p><p>

10' Run

- £250.00

Quantity:  at  £250.00  each 

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Boarded Stand<p><p><p>

Boarded Stand

- £65.00

Quantity:  at  £65.00  each 

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Chicken Guard - Auto Door Opener + Doorkit

Chicken Guard - Auto Door Opener + Doorkit - £154.00

Quantity:  at  £154.00  each 

...More Information

Droppings tray<p><p><p>

Droppings tray

- £29.00

Quantity:  at  £29.00  each 

...More Information

Extra Side Nestbox<p><p><p>

Extra Side Nestbox

- £60.00

Quantity:  at  £60.00  each 

...More Information

Sliding Window<p><p><p>

Sliding Window

- £35.00

Quantity:  at  £35.00  each 

...More Information



- £49.00

Quantity:  at  £49.00  each 

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Wheelset and Axle<p><p><p>

Wheelset and Axle

- £55.00

Quantity:  at  £55.00  each 

...More Information

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