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Extra Large Chicken Coop 

As a Guide- 

Up to 12-18 Small-Medium Birds.       
Up to 10-15 Large Birds.
XL- Front(4)
Hand made British Chicken House made using quality selected redwood and marine ply flooring.
Professionally constructed, sanded and treated
XL- Rear
  Total overall size of 5' Wide x 5' High x 4' Deep.
Joints are glued and screwed.
The roof is black onduline which is very helpful in preventing red spider mite.
Ventilation is provided under the eaves to ensure good airflow.
XL- Inside
Three large nestboxes (14") and three removable perches.
Nestbox lids are double lined to ensure theyre completely waterproof.
Large rear door for ease of cleaning.  
XL - Stand New
 (Pictured above - XL Coop with additional boarded stand)
Will be delivered ready built, so no messing around with flat packs.
Please also take a look at the optional extras below. These can be added to your order enabling you to have a hen house to suit your needs.

Postage on all Extra items is Free when included with your coop.


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